Hunnie Potts

You could say that my burlesque journey began decades ago, when my little 6 year-old self fell absolutely in love with Natalie Wood in the movie Gypsy inspired by the life-story of Gypsy Rose Lee. In 2014 I got a little more serious and began studying the art of burlesque and diving into the Richmond Burlesque scene. I’ve developed and performed a variety of routines ranging from classic strip-tease, to neoburlesque, a classic fan routine, and performance art pieces for my original stage production Bravely Bare which debuted at the Firehouse Theatre in January of 2016. In addition, under the banner of The BIG Burly Project I’ve produced burlesque, drag, and variety shows around the greater Richmond area.

I have past performance experience in dance, improv, and historical reenacting. I’m also a former competitive and professional figure skater with many years of experience in teaching movement, and creating choreography for groups and individuals. I have a passion for, and experience in, educating others; I’ve developed curriculum for educational presentations, webinars, “how-to’s”, and online classes; I’ve also taught on a variety of topics including crafts, sewing, computing, and time & event management. In addition to all that, I worked as Craft Class Coordinator for Craftmart where I was responsible for developing the monthly craft school schedule (including hiring and evaluating instructors), and at SEGA of America I managed the corporate computer training program for 1,500 employees.

If you would like to speak to me about producing or performing please contact me.